Indie Game: Hey! Wrong Way!

Today we are going to talk about a little game which have been launched recently by Smallthing, an indie studio with a broad experience developing mobile games.

Hey! Wrong Way! is an endless game where you control a fast car which must avoid other vehicles and obstacles on the road. The gameplay is simple to learn and fun to play: you only need to tap the screen to change lane and avoid obstacles, but  it’s not so easy as it sounds. The trick is accuracy, too late and you will crash with the car in front of you, too early and the problem will be the vehicle in the lane next to yours. The graphics are pretty good and the sound makes the experience even more enjoyable.

The game is quite hard but you’ll get a good fun if you give it a try.

So don’t wait more and download it for IOS or Android!

Indie Game: Forest Jumper Ninja

First a warning: this game is addictive.  Forest Jumper Ninja have been developed by a little team of two who have never met physically.


The gameplay is quite funny: jump from one platform to another while they are moving and rotating at fast speed. You will need steady nerves to choose the right moment to jump (tap). The game is hard, but addictive as hell and the graphics are pretty good too.

It’s available for IOS and Android!

Indie Game: Dotunite

Dotunite is  a game develop by Manuel Magalhães and inspired by the famous paper game Connect the dots, but here instead connect dots to reveal objects, the goal is to connect dots following a rigorous order and without exceeding the time limit, while you avoid the obstacles which try to collide with the lines you are drawing.

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 15.14.32


A simple gameplay and levels of increasing difficulty are the main ingredients of Dotunite, at first it’s a bit difficult to get the trick of it, but when you get it, you’ll realize you are getting a good fun solving this original puzzles.


Only available for IOS (Free)

Indie Game: Pixel Perfect

Pixel Perfect has been developed by Cihan Özgür and it is a visual puzzle game with original and effective mechanics.

The goal is to move the camera in the 3D world and try to found the correct perspective in which we can see the 2D picture that appears in the top-right corner of the screen. The mechanic is original but the game lacks from other attributes to keep player interest, so after playing for a while you can’t find anything new.

There’s also a time limit which makes harder to solve the puzzles, but if you can’t find the solution on time, the game’ll give you clues about how to solve it and more time, so actually this time limitation is more an option than a real handicap, or change the perspective (which it’s very appropriate for this game) , it’s not a time limitation, it’s a warning that let us know when the clue will appear.

Overall the game has been very well crafted and its mechanics are quite original, it really deserves a try, and you will have many hours of fun playing it.

It’s available for free on Android devices.

Indie Game: King’s game – Clash or Defense

King’s game – Clash or Defense is a strategy game where you control an army and your only goal is to completely destroy your enemy. To do that, you tell your soldiers where they should attack (tapping the screen), recruit more soldiers to join your forces in the battlefield (if you have enough apples and coins) and launch powerful spells over your enemies.

The game mechanics are very simple to learn and the game itself is fun enough to keep you in front of the screen for several hours.

King's game

You can download it for free from Google Play!


Indie Game: Pyk Pyk

Pyk Pyk is puzzle game, very simple to learn and very rewarding to complete. The graphics are quite good and the idea behind it is to put your monsters on the stars that are located in every level, your monsters are a bit clumsy when they move, so you have to use the boxes that exist around the level to ensure they stop moving in the right positions.  The game is pretty funny and an excellent time killer.

Pyk Pyk

It can be downloaded for free from Google Play.

Also have a look to the official webpage.