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Indie Game: Alien Bang Bang

Developed by a small team (Game Changer), Alien Bang Bang is a classic shoot’em up with good retro graphics and a classic but effective mechanic. But what makes it really special is how controls have been designed: you rotate your mobile clockwise or anti-clockwise to move your spaceship right or left, and tap the screen to shoot. At first it’s a bit hard but when you get used of it, you realize how clever the design.. Read More

Indie Game: Lines

Line is a turn-based puzzle game where you have to put tiles of the same color in a 4-tiles-length line to get some points before the time is over. Every turn you can move one tile to any free cell as long as there’s a path without tiles from the origin to the destination (for instance, you cannot move a tile surrounded by other ones). After every move, new tiles are added to the board in.. Read More

Indie Game: Maze

If you like solving mazes, this is your game. Despite the goal is very simple: move your character (green box) to the maze exit (red box) the 20 different levels combined with 5 different difficulties, make this game challenging and addictive. If you choose the hardest difficulty, even the first level is a nightmare which will required your best maze solving skills in order to clear it. If you are playing on a small.. Read More

Indie Games: Super Rocket Plunder

Arukari Arcade have recently released Super Rocket Plunder, a classic shoot’em up with a few cool improvements. As any other shoot’em up the game starts with a spaceship which should destroy anything moving on the screen, you will enjoy the visuals effects and the fine control while you are blowing all the enemies ships up. But gradually you’ll become anxious about your fuel and not longer after that, you’ll be completely out of it, and then it’s when something.. Read More

Indie Game: Crevice Hero

Crevice Hero is a fast-pacing endless game where you have to reach as far as you can while avoiding the falling walls. The game has classic controls and a simple mechanic, but where it really shines is in its heroes selection, every one with a unique ability. Of course, all the heroes are not available from the beginning and you need to unlock them using gems, and every time you play you can collect a good bunch.. Read More

Indie Game: Lethal Lance

Lethal Lance is an old school side scrolling platformer. The graphics have been very well crafted and have a funny look which will make you laugh and fall in love with them at the same time. The music has been carefully chosen to create the perfect atmosphere and encourage you to finish every level. The story which drives the game has been written with a great sense of humor, but allow us to quote the official.. Read More

Indie Game: Wings of Heroes – Battle for the Skies

The game we bring today is Wings of Heroes developed by Marco Tormento who doesn’t have any relation with us despite his surname. The game was released last January and is settled in the Second World War. In Wings of Heroes you’ll be in charge of a small airfield company which trains recruits and prepared them for an imminent clash with enemy forces.   At the beginning, the gameplay looks quite complex and there are many factors that have.. Read More

Indie Game: Hey! Wrong Way!

Today we are going to talk about a little game which have been launched recently by Smallthing, an indie studio with a broad experience developing mobile games. Hey! Wrong Way! is an endless game where you control a fast car which must avoid other vehicles and obstacles on the road. The gameplay is simple to learn and fun to play: you only need to tap the screen to change lane and avoid obstacles, but  it’s not so easy as it sounds. The trick.. Read More

Indie Game: Forest Jumper Ninja

First a warning: this game is addictive.  Forest Jumper Ninja have been developed by a little team of two who have never met physically. The gameplay is quite funny: jump from one platform to another while they are moving and rotating at fast speed. You will need steady nerves to choose the right moment to jump (tap). The game is hard, but addictive as hell and the graphics are pretty good too. It’s available for IOS and Android!

Indie Game: Dotunite

Dotunite is  a game develop by Manuel Magalhães and inspired by the famous paper game Connect the dots, but here instead connect dots to reveal objects, the goal is to connect dots following a rigorous order and without exceeding the time limit, while you avoid the obstacles which try to collide with the lines you are drawing.   A simple gameplay and levels of increasing difficulty are the main ingredients of Dotunite, at first it’s a bit difficult.. Read More