Coral: A different witch – beta 6 [Video]

These last weeks we have been working tirelessly in Coral, we have added a few more functionalities (ranking and achievements), improved the visuals and the general game experience (more levels, better graphics), balanced the experience system and much more. But a picture (or even better, a video) is worth a thousand words, so  have a look!

Mr. X have arrived

Mr. X have arrived to our main offices, and after a quick review  have decided to take over the project Angry Witch, because it is going really slow.


Angry Witch: The Hero

Everyday we’re a bit closer to release our next game, so it’s time you know our new hero, let us introduce to you the Angry Witch

Angry Witch Hero

More news about our new game will come soon!

The Wicked Cat Witch

You already know that witches and cats are a very important part of our next game, so let’s put both concepts together to create a mind-blowing cocktail.

Cat Witch
The wicked cat

This picture is part of a large set of photos of cats posing in cardboard cutout costumes. For us, one of the best form of kitty cosplay ever!