Indie Game: Gravity Escape

Gravity Escape is the first game of Vivified Bits, a 2-man indie company founded in 2015 which has been developing Android tools until now. Gravity Escape is the incursion of the company in the gaming territory and, although they are still learning about this whole new world, they have created a quite promising puzzle game.

In Gravity Escape your goal is to help your avatar to escape from a solar system which is try to trap it. You don’t have direct control over your avatar, but you can manipulate how it is affected by the gravity of the solar bodies.

Original visuals, a music perfectly chosen and puzzles of increasing difficulty create a quite good game experience and an excellent way to kill some time solving this gravity problems. The controls are simple, but somehow are a bit hard to get used to them, anyway when you get it, the game becomes more and more interesting.

Gravity Escape

Gravity Escape can be download for free from Google Play and if you are looking more info about Vivified Bits, don’t hesitate to visit their homepage!

Indie Game: Corrupt Mayor Clicker

Our friends of MeigaLabs are back again with an addictive clicker game. In Corrupt Mayor you join a political party with only one goal in mind: make money! And to accomplish this hard task you can use any method at your fingertips: bribes, illegal contracts, arms trafficking, drug dealing… anything.

Corrupt Mayor Clicker

From time to time you have also to take moral decisions which will affect your incoming, these decisions add an interesting layer to the game: Do you mind use violence to get a few extra bucks? How important is the life of that guy compare to all the money you can lose if he opens his mouth?

Corrupt Mayor Clicker: Moral Decisions


The game also allows you to share your achievements in Facebook to show your friends how good you are making money (and illegal business). By the way, what you share in Facebook is the statement of the virtual bank where you have accumulated all that money, which is a very original way to show’em all who’s the boss.

Corrupt Mayor Clicker: bank statement

Corrupt Mayor has good visuals with a funny cartoonish style and an easy gameplay which makes you feel the gold rush since the first moment. All this elements combined make an addictive game and an excellent way to spend a good time in front of your mobile! Corrupt Mayor is available for Android devices and it’s free, so go to the download link and give it a try.

For more info, visit the official webpage.


Indie Game: Alien Bang Bang

Developed by a small team (Game Changer), Alien Bang Bang is a classic shoot’em up with good retro graphics and a classic but effective mechanic. But what makes it really special is how controls have been designed: you rotate your mobile clockwise or anti-clockwise to move your spaceship right or left, and tap the screen to shoot. At first it’s a bit hard but when you get used of it, you realize how clever the design is. Add this to the good visuals and the amazing music and you will have a game you don’t want to miss.



Stop by the Game Changer facebook to know more about their projects.

And download their game for free from Google Play and App Store.

Indie Game: Time Pirates

A few days ago, here at Tormentes basecamp, we had an informal chat about how marvelous would be a game that allow us to destroy structures and buildings in order to inflict damage to our targets. And just a couple of days later we found Time Pirates, a game that do exactly that!

Time Pirates is a 3D game built over the Project Anarchy engine, and for those who don’t know about this engine, only tell you that Havok is behind the project and it shares some of the same technologies used in Assassin’s Creed 4, Halo 4 and Skyrim.

In Time Pirates you are, of course, a pirate, and as any good pirate, your main goal is to loot as many locations as you can. Only equipped with your loyal cannon and sailing your good old boat, you’ll arrive to your first shore and then it’s when the fun starts. The mechanics are simple to get but hard to master: every location have a few structures where your enemies are hiding, so point your cannon to their weak spots and demolish them in order to eliminate your targets.

Time Pirates

The game is divided in several levels of increasing difficulty, and an in-game economy has been implemented, which means you’ll get some money every time your pass a level and you can use it to buy improvements for your cannon and boats. Different types of ammunition, some special weapons, hard bosses, time travelling, a challenging leaderboard and many other surprises make of this a very enjoyable game which will keep you in front of your mobile screen for many hours.

Download if for free from Google Play and remember to check the developer webpage out for more info.

Indie Game: Vampire Smasher

Vampire Smasher is the first game of a little indie studio called “I don’t remember games”, and as their founders told us, this original name has its own history: it was chosen after the fact that no one remember a little studio name even after playing many hours with games produced by them. So they decided to save some worries to their players and if they don’t remember, well, it’s not a problem because that’s exactly their name.

Vampire Smasher

In Vampire Smasher you are attacked by waves and waves of vampires and to clear a level you must smash’em all.  Be ready to tap frenetically your mobile screen and see tons of blood! You can also use cool (but limited) special powers which allow you to block your enemies advance, fire them up and many other cruelties.

The game is very different from others of its kind and loaded with many interesting features that have surprised us

  • First, instead an endless game like it is common in this genre, you’ll find many levels of increasing difficulty which also can be translated as countless hours of fun.
  • Stars, yes, every time you finish a level and according to how well you cleared it, a few stars will be given to you. Try to collect them all!
  • And our favorite one, bosses!! To pass certain levels you have to fight with a big bad guy. Honestly, in this kind of games, we’ve never seen anything like that before. And we love it!

In conclusion, a very funny game with cool graphics and good music which will give you a good fun for a long time. Besides that, it’s very different from other of its kind, which it’s always a plus and a reason to play it.

So if you want to have a good time, download it for free from Google Play. And don’t forget to check the developer web out to find interesting facts about this addictive game.

Indie Game: Lines

Line is a turn-based puzzle game where you have to put tiles of the same color in a 4-tiles-length line to get some points before the time is over. Every turn you can move one tile to any free cell as long as there’s a path without tiles from the origin to the destination (for instance, you cannot move a tile surrounded by other ones).


After every move, new tiles are added to the board in a random way, making more complicated to move tiles to new positions but at the same time, creating more alternatives to get good points.

This game is an excellent time killer and its design, simple and colorful, helps you to keep focus in what’s important: move the tiles and get as many points as you can before time’s up. And when you dominate the casual (‘solo’) mode, go ahead and try to beat other player scores in the challenge mode!

Try it now, download it for free from Google Play!

Indie Game: Maze

If you like solving mazes, this is your game. Despite the goal is very simple: move your character (green box) to the maze exit (red box) the 20 different levels combined with 5 different difficulties, make this game challenging and addictive. If you choose the hardest difficulty, even the first level is a nightmare which will required your best maze solving skills in order to clear it.

Converted_file_bf23cfe7If you are playing on a small screen, complex level are too small to see, fortunately the developer has included some finger gestures which allow us to make zoom in and out, solving this particular annoying problem.


You can download Maze for free from Google Play, so if you like solving puzzles, stop reading and start downloading.

Indie Game: Galaxy Defense 2 – Transformers

Galaxy Defense 2 is a tower defense game with an awesome look and feeling, the game is divided in several levels of increasing difficulty and your goal is to avoid that waves of enemies reach your base camp, to that you count with several types of towers each one with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Galaxy Defense 2: Transformers

The game is very polished and fun to play, but it lacks of a tutorial so the first levels can be a bit confused. In any case, if you like this kind of strategy games, you’ll spend a marvelous time playing  Galaxy Defense 2 – Transformers.

The game is free to play and available on Google Play.

Indie Games: Super Rocket Plunder

Arukari Arcade have recently released Super Rocket Plunder, a classic shoot’em up with a few cool improvements. As any other shoot’em up the game starts with a spaceship which should destroy anything moving on the screen, you will enjoy the visuals effects and the fine control while you are blowing all the enemies ships up. But gradually you’ll become anxious about your fuel and not longer after that, you’ll be completely out of it, and then it’s when something very cool happens: your spaceship transforms into a drill and you fall to the surface and start drilling for gems!



Very original and creative idea, and a clever way to give fresh air to the classic shoot’em up genre. We wish a big success to this game, it really deserves it.

The demo can be downloaded for free from Google Play and you can also buy the full version for Android and IOS devices.

By the way, the official website is worth a visit.

Indie Game: Crevice Hero

Crevice Hero is a fast-pacing endless game where you have to reach as far as you can while avoiding the falling walls. The game has classic controls and a simple mechanic, but where it really shines is in its heroes selection, every one with a unique ability. Of course, all the heroes are not available from the beginning and you need to unlock them using gems, and every time you play you can collect a good bunch of these precious jewels.


The visuals are good and the fast electronic music helps a lot to be immersed in the Crevice Hero world. If you like fast games full of playable heroes with different and amazing abilities, you have to try it!

The game is free to play and available on Google Play and AppStore with In-App purchases.