FruityFish: version 1.19 released!

FruityFish 1.19 has been released! We have heard all your comments and have redesigned all levels according to them. It has been a hard job but we believe it has been worth it! In a few words, the redesigned levels are funnier, harder and much more addictive than the old ones.

Anyway you are the ultimate judge, tell us what you think about them and enjoy FruityFish!

Download FruityFish

FruityFish in real life

When someone tells you that there’s a fish which eats fruit, you can think that person is completely insane… but the truth is such animal exists and we have pics of it! It’s called Tambaqui or Pacu (Colossoma macropomum) and it’s a freshwater fish original from South America (it can be found in most rivers and streams in the Amazon and Orinoco river basins of lowland Amazonia).

tambaqui (Colossoma macropomum)

This fish does not only eat fruits, it’s also an important element dispersing seeds and spreading plant species (more info) but the most incredible (and scary) fact about it are its very human teeth.

Pacu showing its very human teeth

Find more info about these fishes with human teeth here.

Atari Game Over Documentary is already available!

The long awaited documentary about the legendary gaming company Atari has been released and it’s available for free through the Xbox Video section. The documentary “chronicles the fall of the Atari Corporation through the lens of one of the biggest mysteries of all time, dubbed “The Great Video Game Burial of 1983.” As the story goes, the Atari Corporation, faced with an overwhelmingly negative response to “E.T.,” the video game for the Atari 2600, disposed of hundreds of thousands of unsold game cartridges by burying them in the small town of Alamogordo, New Mexico.”