Indie Game: Lines

Line is a turn-based puzzle game where you have to put tiles of the same color in a 4-tiles-length line to get some points before the time is over. Every turn you can move one tile to any free cell as long as there’s a path without tiles from the origin to the destination (for instance, you cannot move a tile surrounded by other ones).


After every move, new tiles are added to the board in a random way, making more complicated to move tiles to new positions but at the same time, creating more alternatives to get good points.

This game is an excellent time killer and its design, simple and colorful, helps you to keep focus in what’s important: move the tiles and get as many points as you can before time’s up. And when you dominate the casual (‘solo’) mode, go ahead and try to beat other player scores in the challenge mode!

Try it now, download it for free from Google Play!

Indie Game: World of Goo

This game was developed many years ago, at 2009, for the Wii console platform. During the last years it has been growing and targeting many other platforms as well. Anyway this week we are talking about indie puzzles mobile games, so to talk about World of Goo is mandatory.

World of Goo is a puzzle game. The main objective of the game is to get a requisite number of goo balls to a pipe designed to represent the exit. In order to do so, the player must use the goo balls to construct bridges, towers, and other structures to overcome gravity and various terrain difficulties such as chasms, hills, spikes, windmills, or cliffs.

The game is available in IOS (5$)and Android (4$).
 Check the Official webpage out.

Indie Game: TwoDots

TwoDots is a match-two puzzle video game. The object of TwoDots is to connect dots of matching colors horizontally or vertically, the best way to clear the level is to find squares of corresponding colors out of the game board in front of you. The graphics are pretty simple, without many distractions.

The game is available in IOS (In-App purchases) and Android (In-App purchases).
Check the Official webpage out.

Indie Game: Duet

Duet is a hard, really hard, game. The gameplay is easy to get, but clear a level is brutally difficult. Better than explaining how to play, watch the following video to get the idea behind the game (by the way, the music is pretty good).

The game is available in IOS (3$) and Android (In-App purchases).
Check the Official webpage out.

Indie Game: Monument Valley

As can be read in Wikipedia:

Monument Valley is a puzzle game developed and published by indie studio Ustwo. The player leads the princess Ida through mazes of optical illusions and impossible objects. Its visual style was inspired by Japanese prints, minimalist sculpture and indie games Windosill, Fez, and Sword & Sworcery.

And it’s true, the magic behind this game its amazing.

The game is available in IOS (4$),  Android (4$) .
Check the Official webpage out.

Indie Game: Threes!

A puzzle game should be easy to understand but deep and challenging enough to be also difficult to put down.  Threes! is that game. Easy to catch how to play, but more you play, harder to clear a level. Threes! have won some important awards, such “Apple’s 2014 Game of the Year” or “IGF 2014 Excellence in Design Honorable Mention”.

 The game is available in IOS (2$) and Android (1$).
Check the Official webpage out.