Mr. X: The Boss

Mr. X

No one knows too much about him but a legend tells he’s always watching over your shoulder and if you do something wrong (according to him), you will suffer the weight of his hammer.

Maybe the legend is just a legend, but the weight of his hammer is certainly real and all the team has suffered it several times.

We would like to tell you more about him, but the truth is we don’t have idea how his face looks like, where he lives or what he does in his spare time (but the chances that he has spare time are almost null, many people too watch over the shoulder). Anyway if you are interested in known more about him, do something wrong and you will feel something heavy hitting your head, that’s his hammer… and the most similar thing to meet him.

Camino: Artist and Collaborator


Camino graduated with a degree in Fine Arts and she works as a Fine Arts teacher, a successful one which is a rare thing. Although she is always very busy with her job, somehow manages to find time to help us with her advice. Her wide experience and her knowledge of Color Theory are invaluable for make our games look better.

She is always carrying a notebook and following her example most of us are carrying one now (the rest were carrying one too, but they already lost it and now live in desperation trying to remember where it is).

Victor: Game Developer


Victor has a degree in Computer Science and a dark taste for network and operating systems. He has spent the last few years developing high performance API’s for massively online games and designing the infrastructure needed to support them.

One day he realized he wasn’t happy and even more important, that no one but him would do anything to change that fact. So he took the reins of his own life and create Tormentes with Aitor Martin. Now he’s a happy game developer who is working furiously in his next game.

Victor loves reading sci-fi and when he has enough time, writing it. Now all that creativity goes to the new games our team are developing and we hope you can see  part of  that job soon.

Apart from his bald head, you can recognize him because he’s always carrying a deck of cards which uses to surprise the rest of us with some impossible to believe magic tricks. He’s also very good vanishing coins, specially other people coins.


Yeray: Graphic Artist


Yeray is our ARTIST, he learnt to draw before crawling and have been drawing since then. It doesn’t matter if he’s holding a pencil, a brush or an airbrush, the result will always be an astonishing work. Sometime ago he changed pencil for computer, but you will always see him with a sketchbook under his arm (old habits die hard).

But he is not just our main artist, he’s also a hardcore player who loves video games, we have a little internal contest in Tormentes, if we are able to name a game which Yeray doesn’t know, he has to buy a beer for us… so far we haven’t got any free beer yet. His ideas help us to make better games and validate what we have in mind.


Aitor: Game Developer


Aitor is one of our game developers, he has a degree in Computer Science and is a former SAP consultant. How a senior SAP consultant ended up making mobile games is quite an story, but we can say there’s a moment in the life when a man needs to find himself… and Aitor found his true passion creating stories through videogames.

It was hard to leave the SAP world, but making a super-human effort he made it, and created  Tormentes with Victor Henriquez. Now he is a happy game developer with a lot of stories to tell and a few great games in his pockets.

Maria Goretti: Frontend Designer

Maria Goretti

Maria Goretti was born in Surabaya, Indonesia (which makes her the most exotic member of the team), she has a degree in Computer Science and there’s an artist inside her. Weird enough, she also studied Pharmacy, but at the end she decided was happier surrounded by computers than by test tubes.

Make our games look cool is her task, she spends uncountable hours refining user interfaces, polishing them, make them shine and she is happy doing that, at least most of the time, the rest is arguing with our game developers who have the ability to drive her crazy.

Her restless mind is always thinking about our next game so you can see her sketching the next interface everywhere, specially on a piece of napkin.