Our friends of MeigaLabs are back again with an addictive clicker game. In Corrupt Mayor you join a political party with only one goal in mind: make money! And to accomplish this hard task you can use any method at your fingertips: bribes, illegal contracts, arms trafficking, drug dealing… anything.

Corrupt Mayor Clicker

From time to time you have also to take moral decisions which will affect your incoming, these decisions add an interesting layer to the game: Do you mind use violence to get a few extra bucks? How important is the life of that guy compare to all the money you can lose if he opens his mouth?

Corrupt Mayor Clicker: Moral Decisions


The game also allows you to share your achievements in Facebook to show your friends how good you are making money (and illegal business). By the way, what you share in Facebook is the statement of the virtual bank where you have accumulated all that money, which is a very original way to show’em all who’s the boss.

Corrupt Mayor Clicker: bank statement

Corrupt Mayor has good visuals with a funny cartoonish style and an easy gameplay which makes you feel the gold rush since the first moment. All this elements combined make an addictive game and an excellent way to spend a good time in front of your mobile! Corrupt Mayor is available for Android devices and it’s free, so go to the download link and give it a try.

For more info, visit the official webpage.