Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions FruityFish players ask to us. If you have any other, just leave us a comment and will update the list ASAP.

♦ I need more time to clear a level

No problem. If you fail a level twice, a popup will be shown and you can get five extra seconds pressing the “share” button. And don’t worry if you fail the level again, you’ll have the extra seconds as long as you don’t close FruityFish.

♦ I didn’t press the “share” button when the popup was shown, but I want the extra seconds now.

After the second fail, the popup won’t be shown again but you can get the extra time pressing the “share with clock” button on the bottom-right corner of the screen when you fail the level.

♦ What is the “two-thumbs” technique?

Some players play FruityFish using both thumbs, one in each side of the screen and they control the fish touching one side or other. This technique has one important advantage: the fish is never hiding by your own finger. In the other hand, many players find this way of playing very hard, so they use just one finger which is dragged around the screen to control the fish.

♦ Do you know you can see which of your Facebook friends are playing FruityFish and in which level they are?

Just open the game and press the “Play with friends” button. Now you are ready to beat your friends in the race to the sacred volcano. Show them who is the boss.

♦ Why do you need the “publish” permission to play with friends?

To save your current level in Facebook, we need that permission. Facebook Policy. And save your level in Facebook is the only way your friends can see where you are in the game map,
so we are forced to ask for it.

♦ If I grant the “publish” permission to FruityFish, Will you post anything without I know it?

No, we won’t. FruityFish have a few buttons which publish to your wall (share a level, share a chest and share for more seconds), but you have to explicitly press one of these buttons to get something published in your timeline. You are always in control.

♦ I want to play with my Facebook friends but none of them are playing FruityFish

Easy solution! Invite them! Press the following button and choose the way you want to share the game:

FruityFish Share Button

♦ Hey, I have found a bug, How do I contact you?

You can use our contact form.