Cute, Evil & Strange is one of those games which look so good that you don’t care about anything else and just want to play it.  We really love its unique quirky cartoon-like graphics!

Cute, Evil & Strange

In this game, you control a cute little monster which has to battle other monsters controlled by other people, you can also play against the AI, but the whole social battle thing is what makes the game so cool, there’s nothing like humiliate your friends (or strangers) and brag about it. And every time you win a battle, you’ll get apples and coins which can be used to buy hats, glasses and other accessories to customize your monster look.

The game concept is very promising, and as we have already mentioned, the visuals are completely amazing, the only thing we miss it’s a XP system, a way to make your monster stronger or gain new abilities. Anyway, it’s a very beautiful game which will give you countless hours of fun challenging and defeating friends and strangers altogether.

The game is free to play and is available for Android and IOS devices, so what are you waiting for giving it a try? Also be sure to have a look to the official webpage.