Lethal Lance is an old school side scrolling platformer. The graphics have been very well crafted and have a funny look which will make you laugh and fall in love with them at the same time. The music has been carefully chosen to create the perfect atmosphere and encourage you to finish every level.

The story which drives the game has been written with a great sense of humor, but allow us to quote the official site and judge but yourself:

Born an orphan, raised by the Holy gun monks of eastern Siberia, Lance always had a strong dislike for all things dark and supernatural. As strange endless night fell onto our world, turning all of the animals into undead, bloodsucking monsters, he had no choice. It was Lance or them.
Stakes are high. Stakes are sharp. Stakes are lethal, like Lance. Purge the world of the evil undead critters and help Lance return freedom to our world.

The gameplay is pretty basic, but if you love classic platformers that is all what you need to have good fun jumping and firing to every single monster.

One remarkable feature of Lethal Lance is its support for IOS 7 controllers, so if you are the proud owner of one of them you can experience Lethal Lance in all its glory.

The indie studio behind this game is LL Team and, in our humble opinion, they have done a great work here.

Lethal Dance is available for IOS ($0.99) and Android  ($0.99)