Gravity Escape is the first game of Vivified Bits, a 2-man indie company founded in 2015 which has been developing Android tools until now. Gravity Escape is the incursion of the company in the gaming territory and, although they are still learning about this whole new world, they have created a quite promising puzzle game.

In Gravity Escape your goal is to help your avatar to escape from a solar system which is try to trap it. You don’t have direct control over your avatar, but you can manipulate how it is affected by the gravity of the solar bodies.

Original visuals, a music perfectly chosen and puzzles of increasing difficulty create a quite good game experience and an excellent way to kill some time solving this gravity problems. The controls are simple, but somehow are a bit hard to get used to them, anyway when you get it, the game becomes more and more interesting.

Gravity Escape

Gravity Escape┬ácan be download for free from Google Play and if you are looking more info about Vivified Bits, don’t hesitate to visit┬átheir homepage!