SpaceTeam is a cooperative game for phones and tablets in which you are part of a spaceship crew who is trying to escape from a growing supernova. The most original thing about this game is it has been designed to play in teams (from 2 up to 4 members), every member controls a panel full of buttons and sensors with different functions, the only way to survive is to follow all the instructions that are given to you and your team, the problem is that from you control panel you cannot accomplish all that by yourself, so you must shout to your friends and coordinate them to push the right buttons at the right moments.

Simple graphics (you just see a panel with buttons a small spaceship) but the whole idea is quite cool and have won several awards:

 iPhone_Screenshot3 iPhone_Screenshot2

Try it in a party, you will have a great time shouting at your friends and feeling the madness of a space ship crew trying to escape from a sure death.

Have a look to the official webpage