A few days ago, here at Tormentes basecamp, we had an informal chat about how marvelous would be a game that allow us to destroy structures and buildings in order to inflict damage to our targets. And just a couple of days later we found Time Pirates, a game that do exactly that!

Time Pirates is a 3D game built over the Project Anarchy engine, and for those who don’t know about this engine, only tell you that Havok is behind the project and it shares some of the same technologies used in Assassin’s Creed 4, Halo 4 and Skyrim.

In Time Pirates you are, of course, a pirate, and as any good pirate, your main goal is to loot as many locations as you can. Only equipped with your loyal cannon and sailing your good old boat, you’ll arrive to your first shore and then it’s when the fun starts. The mechanics are simple to get but hard to master: every location have a few structures where your enemies are hiding, so point your cannon to their weak spots and demolish them in order to eliminate your targets.

Time Pirates

The game is divided in several levels of increasing difficulty, and an in-game economy has been implemented, which means you’ll get some money every time your pass a level and you can use it to buy improvements for your cannon and boats. Different types of ammunition, some special weapons, hard bosses, time travelling, a challenging leaderboard and many other surprises make of this a very enjoyable game which will keep you in front of your mobile screen for many hours.

Download if for free from Google Play and remember to check the developer webpage out for more info.