Vampire Smasher is the first game of a little indie studio called “I don’t remember games”, and as their founders told us, this original name has its own history: it was chosen after the fact that no one remember a little studio name even after playing many hours with games produced by them. So they decided to save some worries to their players and if they don’t remember, well, it’s not a problem because that’s exactly their name.

Vampire Smasher

In Vampire Smasher you are attacked by waves and waves of vampires and to clear a level you must smash’em all.  Be ready to tap frenetically your mobile screen and see tons of blood! You can also use cool (but limited) special powers which allow you to block your enemies advance, fire them up and many other cruelties.

The game is very different from others of its kind and loaded with many interesting features that have surprised us

  • First, instead an endless game like it is common in this genre, you’ll find many levels of increasing difficulty which also can be translated as countless hours of fun.
  • Stars, yes, every time you finish a level and according to how well you cleared it, a few stars will be given to you. Try to collect them all!
  • And our favorite one, bosses!! To pass certain levels you have to fight with a big bad guy. Honestly, in this kind of games, we’ve never seen anything like that before. And we love it!

In conclusion, a very funny game with cool graphics and good music which will give you a good fun for a long time. Besides that, it’s very different from other of its kind, which it’s always a plus and a reason to play it.

So if you want to have a good time, download it for free from Google Play. And don’t forget to check the developer web out to find interesting facts about this addictive game.