Atoms is a multiplayer board-like strategy game in which your goal is to take control of the playing grid placing your atoms in the right cells, every time a cell reaches its atom limit, it explodes and the atoms conquers any adjacent cell to it. One of the most interesting thing with this mechanic is that if you play it right, you can create a spectacular chain reaction and wipe all your opponents out.

And talking about opponents, up to 4 players can played simultaneously in the same screen which it’s a cool way to kill some time when the conversation dries up. Online multiplayer is also possible via Game Center and if you need to train a bit before challenging strangers, a “vs. CPU” option is also available.

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The game visual effects are quite attractive, you’ll get addicted to create chain reactions and watch how your screen explodes. The mechanics are simple to learn but hard to master, so you’ll spend a very good time learning all kind of little tricks to defeat your opponents.


Atoms have been develop by John Girvin and inspired by an old Atari’s Game called Exploding Atoms (you can learn more about it on John Girvin’s blog).

The game is quite interesting and very addictive, so if you have an IOS device, download it for free!