Arukari Arcade have recently released Super Rocket Plunder, a classic shoot’em up with a few cool improvements. As any other shoot’em up the game starts with a spaceship which should destroy anything moving on the screen, you will enjoy the visuals effects and the fine control while you are blowing all the enemies ships up. But gradually you’ll become anxious about your fuel and not longer after that, you’ll be completely out of it, and then it’s when something very cool happens: your spaceship transforms into a drill and you fall to the surface and start drilling for gems!



Very original and creative idea, and a clever way to give fresh air to the classic shoot’em up genre. We wish a big success to this game, it really deserves it.

The demo can be downloaded for free from Google Play and you can also buy the full version for Android and IOS devices.

By the way, the official website is worth a visit.