The game we bring today is Wings of Heroes developed by Marco Tormento who doesn’t have any relation with us despite his surname.

The game was released last January and is settled in the Second World War. In Wings of Heroes you’ll be in charge of a small airfield company which trains recruits and prepared them for an imminent clash with enemy forces.


At the beginning, the gameplay looks quite complex and there are many factors that have a direct impact over your game (like trope morale) too feel confident about what’s happening, but when you get used to it you start to enjoy it and little by little, you realize how good it is.


We are also very surprised by the clever way the controls have been designed: you rotate your mobile clockwise or anti-clockwise to choose your aircraft direction, your left hand controls the altitude (moving one finger up or down) , and the right one is in charge of firing and all the special moves. At first is a bit hard to control all that, but soon you’ll get used to it and then it’s when the fun begins.

For the moment, the game is only available for IOS devices (Free). Hope that will appear for other platforms too, yeah, we really love Wings of Heroes!