Indie Game: Lethal Lance

Lethal Lance is an old school side scrolling platformer. The graphics have been very well crafted and have a funny look which will make you laugh and fall in love with them at the same time. The music has been carefully chosen to create the perfect atmosphere and encourage you to finish every level.

The story which drives the game has been written with a great sense of humor, but allow us to quote the official site and judge but yourself:

Born an orphan, raised by the Holy gun monks of eastern Siberia, Lance always had a strong dislike for all things dark and supernatural. As strange endless night fell onto our world, turning all of the animals into undead, bloodsucking monsters, he had no choice. It was Lance or them.
Stakes are high. Stakes are sharp. Stakes are lethal, like Lance. Purge the world of the evil undead critters and help Lance return freedom to our world.

The gameplay is pretty basic, but if you love classic platformers that is all what you need to have good fun jumping and firing to every single monster.

One remarkable feature of Lethal Lance is its support for IOS 7 controllers, so if you are the proud owner of one of them you can experience Lethal Lance in all its glory.

The indie studio behind this game is LL Team and, in our humble opinion, they have done a great work here.

Lethal Dance is available for IOS ($0.99) and Android  ($0.99)

Indie Game: Wings of Heroes – Battle for the Skies

The game we bring today is Wings of Heroes developed by Marco Tormento who doesn’t have any relation with us despite his surname.

The game was released last January and is settled in the Second World War. In Wings of Heroes you’ll be in charge of a small airfield company which trains recruits and prepared them for an imminent clash with enemy forces.


At the beginning, the gameplay looks quite complex and there are many factors that have a direct impact over your game (like trope morale) too feel confident about what’s happening, but when you get used to it you start to enjoy it and little by little, you realize how good it is.


We are also very surprised by the clever way the controls have been designed: you rotate your mobile clockwise or anti-clockwise to choose your aircraft direction, your left hand controls the altitude (moving one finger up or down) , and the right one is in charge of firing and all the special moves. At first is a bit hard to control all that, but soon you’ll get used to it and then it’s when the fun begins.

For the moment, the game is only available for IOS devices (Free). Hope that will appear for other platforms too, yeah, we really love Wings of Heroes!

Useful spells

Some spells are more useful than others, today the hero of our next game shows us how she uses her powers for a greater good…

Laser cat

Indie Game: Jungle Adventure Run

Decent 3D graphics and a very simple gameplay is the best way to describe this game in which you only goal is to run as fast you can while several enemies are chasing you with clearly not good intentions.

Jungle Adventure Run

Good visuals, different heroes, many enemies who try to hit you in your desperately run and a whole jungle to explore are the ingredients that make this game a decent time killer.

Jungle Adventure Run

Definitely it’s worth a try, download it for free from Google Play.

Indie Game: Where’s My Egg?

Where’s My Egg? is a puzzle game where you have to help Mr. Penguin by guiding him with his egg to Ms. Penguin. The game is divided in several levels of increasing difficulty, and from time to time new challenges and enemies appears changing lightly the general game mechanics.

Where's my egg?

The game is quite enjoyable and if you like puzzle games, it will give you a good time for sure.

It can be downloaded for free from Google Play. Also check the official webpage out!

Indie Game: Emoji Cosmos

This game is a clear example that you don’t need high end graphics to create an amazing visual experience. Emoji Cosmos has been built only using emoji, which converts it in a very original way to create a good looking game.
Emoji Cosmos
In the game you play a rocket ship blasting off into space after its been loaded up with emoji passengers. As you might guess, the obstacles are emoji too: specifically, the emoji “moon with a face.” And when you hit one, you blow up into emoji fireworks.
The game is only availabe for IOS devices and can be downloaded from Apple Store.

Indie Game: Shaper Dash

Shapper Dash is an unusual runner in which you need to jump from platform to platform, but at the same time you choose your jump direction, you also need to select the appropriate shape, because in this game, you can only land in a platform is you have the same shape that the platform itself.

Shaper Dash

Very interesting concept, it is worth to give it a try.

It can be downloaded for free from Google Play.


Indie Game: Deep Space Invaders

Deep Space Invaders is an action game with well known mechanics: destroy all the aliens ships that appears on the screen. The visual effects are very impressive and the control very easy to learn. When you put all together, the result is a very enjoyable playing experience.

Deep Space Invaders

So that’s it,  avoid enemy attacks and destroy all the ships you can before they do that to you while you have tons of fun!

The game is free to play and available for IOS and Android devices.

Indie Game: Hey! Wrong Way!

Today we are going to talk about a little game which have been launched recently by Smallthing, an indie studio with a broad experience developing mobile games.

Hey! Wrong Way! is an endless game where you control a fast car which must avoid other vehicles and obstacles on the road. The gameplay is simple to learn and fun to play: you only need to tap the screen to change lane and avoid obstacles, but  it’s not so easy as it sounds. The trick is accuracy, too late and you will crash with the car in front of you, too early and the problem will be the vehicle in the lane next to yours. The graphics are pretty good and the sound makes the experience even more enjoyable.

The game is quite hard but you’ll get a good fun if you give it a try.

So don’t wait more and download it for IOS or Android!