[Tips for beginner witches] Read ingredient labels

Always read ingredient labels before opening any recipient. Many witches had suffered unpleasant surprises because not to follow this simple rule. And if you can afford it, buy good quality ingredients (Ollivanders brand is excellent), this can also help to avoid some disasters, for instance, some ingredient makers don’t detach the bat wings from the actual bat just to save a few cents… and that, believe me, can be a terrible problem for you.
Bat wings

[Tips for beginner witches] Buying ingredients

When you go to your nearest magic shop to buy ingredients, remember that proper etiquette is very important and try not to argue with the shopkeeper. He knows you are a powerful witch, but he also knows better than anyone what ingredients you need to cook a perfect potion, so keep a good relation with him.

BONUS: Seducing him is not an option to pay less for the ingredients, they usually wear magic glasses to avoid such deceptions.
Buying ingredients

Useful spells

Some spells are more useful than others, today the hero of our next game shows us how she uses her powers for a greater good…

Laser cat