Ludum Dare 31: Winners!

For ending this Ludum Dare post series, nothing better than to know the winners, the best games, the cream of the crop!

It has required many days, many people and many votes to create the final LD31 top games list and among all these marvelous games, there was one which stands out: birdsong. It wouldn’t be fair to call it the absolute winner, but it’s one of the best LD31 games without any doubt.


In any case, have a look to the top entries games, because you will enjoy every second playing them.

Ludum Dare 31: The Paper Dance

The Paper Dance  is not exactly a game, it’s more a kind of six-minute interactive video where you control a dancer who can kick other dancers while is doing her performance. The basic idea is kick out any dancer who try to ruin your choreography.

The concept art, the music, and the way the whole game is designed make it deserve a try. Very original idea, it’s a pity the gameplay is so limited, otherwise great job.

Paper Dance

Ludum Dare 31: Mr Fish’s Awful Adventure

We aren’t sure Mr Fish’s Awful Adventure fits in a strict way this year Ludum Dare theme, Entire Game on One Screen, but what the heck, is a pretty awesome game with a lot of job behind it. In this platformer you control Mr Fish who is going to discover that the world is far more dangerous than he ever thought. The game has puzzles, traps, new abilities to get and a difficulty which ramps up perfectly. The only cons, if we have to look for one, it is too short… but again, it has been developed in a weekend! No doubt, this game is a masterpiece and we haven’t stop playing until we finished.

Mr Fish's Awful Adventure

Ludum Dare 31: Macho Knight

Macho Knight is simple and funny and we like it because of that.

We play the role of a Macho Knight who must save the princess from hooligans who are trying to kidnap her. The problem is we just have a shield, so the only way to fight against these hordes of enemies is pushing them out of the fort. Enemies come from left and right, so we have to move around the screen constantly flinging them off.

The art is pretty cool and remind of those old 8-bit games.

The way of playing is very suitable for touching devices (mobile phones, tablets, etc.) , so from here we encourage his developer to do the port, this game could be the next Flappy Bird,  Who knows?

Macho Knight

Macho knigh2

Ludum Dare 31: Mind The Gap

The idea behind the Mind The Gap is simple: cross the bridge… a one-bamboo-stick bridge in which keep balance is not an easy thing. So that’s it, you have to reach the other side before your balance bar reaches zero. The game has several levels of increasing difficulty and it’s very addictive and easy to play, plus have quite good pixel art. Definitely worth a try!

Mind The Gap

Ludum Dare 31: Who Done it?

Who Done It? brings us a fresh video game concept, here you play the role of a detective trying to find out who murdered the mayor among a few people in a room. To do that, you have to question the suspects and decide who is the murderer base on their reactions. The idea is pretty cool and fits perfect with the Ludum Dare theme of this year: Entire Game on One Screen. Of course, the game needs more work to become a great one, but it has the potential and it’s without any doubt, an awesome job.

Who Done It?

Ludum Dare 31: The Last Panda

The first thing that comes to mind when you play The Last Panda is: Wow! This was made it in just 48 hours!? Good art, good music and an addictive gameplay in a classic formula: protect your treasure chest. The whole game is very polished and it’s a really pleasure to play it.

It can be argued that the game is hard, that is impossible to leave the chest because of the number ghosts, that the difficulty grows exponentially… but true is game’s awesome for being made in only 48 hours, and we are pretty sure his developer will fix the design flaws as soon as this Ludum Dare finishes. Summing up, we love it!


The Last Panda

Ludum Dare 31: The Unlikely Adventures of Peggy LeDig

The Unlikely Adventures of Peggy LeDig is a pretty simple game which reminds us of “Monkey Island“, a great childhood memory of us (and many of you).

But don’t be mistaken, this game is not a Point-and-Click Adventure Game, its gameplay is far simpler, we just click somewhere on the screen and if there’s a treasure close to that point, we’ll dig it and get rewards for it. That’s it.  But its music sent us back to the past, and only for that,  we encourage you to try it 😀

 ScShoot_Pirate2 ScShoot_Pirate1

Ludum Dare 31: Snow Storm

We are in Christmas and not better game than Snow Storm to make us feel the Christmas Spirit. The game is simple and addictive and visuals are quite good.

In Snow Storm you must protect your presents against evil snowmen who are trying to steal them, for doing that you have to shoot them… but who are you? Well, you are a present, literally. Use the keyboard arrows to move your warrior (or present) and the mouse to point and shoot.

Simple and beautiful, like it!

Snow Storm1

Ludum Dare 31

A few days ago finished the 31st Ludum Dare and during 13 days more games will be receiving votes to determine the winner.  For those of you who don’t know about it,  Ludum Dare is an Accelerated Game Development Event (also called a “Game Jam”).

During a Ludum Dare, developers from around the world spend a weekend creating games based on a theme suggested by the community, this year the topic was Entire Game on One Screen. Ludum Dare events take place three times a year (every April, August and December) and all game code and content must be created during the competition (that is, in 48 hours).

Ludum Dare has become a very popular Game Jam and this year 2636 games were submitted! This means a lot of fun for any video game lover. And we love video games, so we have decided to enjoy as many Ludum Dare games as we can, and bring our favorite ones to the blog before the winner be announced!

We want to begin this post series with Bluma, a platformer game developer by Luis Anton which has given us a good laugh and a lot of fun! It tells us the story of a space captain who landed in an unknown planet and now must reach his rocket to leave. The game is full of little puzzles, traps and blood, your own blood. We warn you, this game is hard, we mean, crazy HARD.