Victor has a degree in Computer Science and a dark taste for network and operating systems. He has spent the last few years developing high performance API’s for massively online games and designing the infrastructure needed to support them.

One day he realized he wasn’t happy and even more important, that no one but him would do anything to change that fact. So he took the reins of his own life and create Tormentes with Aitor Martin. Now he’s a happy game developer who is working furiously in his next game.

Victor loves reading sci-fi and when he has enough time, writing it. Now all that creativity goes to the new games our team are developing and we hope you can see  part of  that job soon.

Apart from his bald head, you can recognize him because he’s always carrying a deck of cards which uses to surprise the rest of us with some impossible to believe magic tricks. He’s also very good vanishing coins, specially other people coins.